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RX to SONA 2008

September 1, 2008

Wrapped in lies, the Empress was naked

Palace couturiers dressed the Empress in lies hoping that her subjects would not be able to see through it all. Just for good measure palace courtiers surrounded her with sycophants along with their own bodies as a shield against probing eyes. They made sure that disgruntled  subject could not come near enough by putting up formidable human and material barricades.
Only then did the parade go on, with the Empress thinking all along that she was dressed in a special royal raiment. She held her head high, confident and smiling proudly,
She was deafened by the loud clapping of hands and cheers from a captive throng. She did not see nor hear the unbelieving eyes and gasps of her shocked subject at the sight of their naked Empress.
The lie that the Empress wore was a claim that there was an economic growth, and that it was on its way up until it was derailed by a global crisis. And that the the subjects were shielded from its impact. The truth is that  there was never a growth in the economy, except among those who are within her immediate circle. Productivity was down because of graft and corruption. Hunger and unemployment was widespread and confidence  and trust in her was already at its lowest. There was nothing to shield the people from the impact of the global crisis.
Her invisible clothes was interlaced with deception. She has nothing to do with the bravery of the young boy who was saving lives amidst a disaster which she chose to leave behind for a junket along with her loyal lapdogs. It turned out that the reduced rate on texting was merely for show. To be sure she can point out to a few good things which are supposed to be ordinary accomplishments. Yet she makes much of such rare occurencies by making it appear to be the rule, rather than the exception.
Topography and typhoons are lame excuses for low productivity. The main culprit is still her policy of being liberal with foreign farmers, and being stingy with local ones. Rice importation rather than farm subsidies! In the hands of a skillful and habitual liar, statistics hide the truth rather than reveal it!
She clings to EVAT for dear life though it comes from blood, sweat and tears of the poor. Isn’t she now saying that without the bonanza from EVAT on electricity, oil and medicine her government would cease to function? Where do the collection from traditional source of government funds go? The Empress dispenses katas ng EVAT as though it were her own: no legitimization from Congress, no transparency, no accountability. Given her negative trust rating, who knows where the katas ng EVAT will go?
Her contrived expresssions of empathy for the poor and the hard-pressed teachers ring hollow in the face of reality. If those concerns were real, the economy and education would not be in such a mess! Yet what bothers us most are not the lies and deception that was her hallmark. We are more fearful of veiled messages to her lieutenants: a cha-cha might be necessary and that she will stop at nothing to thwart detractors.
When an Empress can march through the streets naked, what is there that she wouldn’t be capable of doing?

On Tue, 8/12/08, Dennis B. Dayao <> wrote:

From: Dennis B. Dayao <>
Subject: Faxed message for Abp. Oscar Cruz
Date: Tuesday, August 12, 2008, 12:30 AM


Greeting in the GOOD LORD!

While you do not know me (I am Archbishop Oscar Cruz) and while I neither have any e-mail (just asked someone who has, to send you these lines), do allow me to say the following:

With much admiration for you courage and delight for your insight, I read your letter to the PDI Editor (8 August 2008, p. A16, with the bold heading “WRAPPED IN LIES, THE EMPRESS WAS NAKED”.

Great piece! Brave article! Bravo to EJ!

—————– end of fax from Abp. Cruz –

— On Thu, 8/7/08, Juan Sayo <> wrote:

From: Juan Sayo <>
Subject: Your letter in PDI issue 8 Aug
Date: Thursday, August 7, 2008, 11:17 PM

Dear Mr. Joven,
I read your letter "Wrapped in Lies, the Empress was Naked" and I said to
 myself, here is a man that proves all is not yet lost for the Filipinos.
I am 77 years old, I have been through WW II, and through the corruptions of
our many leaders and I have

almost given up hope for our people and country. In
my maddest moments, and there are many, I have asked God to destroy them all!!
But my prayers remain undone. They become even more many and successful in
their corruptions.

You may now only be a glimering candle light in the darkness that envelops our
land. I hope you become a brightt white beacon.

May God help you.

J. Sayo