In-house corruption and apathy; mortal cure

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Archbishop Oscar Cruz said, “When a government is corrupt from top to bottom; when an administration is deceitful left and right; and when a national leadership is questionable in legitimacy, integrity and competency, there would be nothing more desirable and agreeable to these mighty and influential ones than to have a constituency basically composed of blind, deaf and dumb citizens with the added social liability of apathy and indifference, fear and fright.” We agree with this statement, but he might just as well be describing CBCP as typical of the kind of constituency he describes. The lack of support from the main body itself spells certain death for the drastic moves he, aolong with a handful of fellow-mavericks, espouses. Only if they can convince their group may they expect success.

Paradoxically enough, the Church has always acted as the most powerful vanguard of the evil regime, wittingly or unwittingly. When the Hello Garci tapes issue was hottest CBCP called for communal action, instead of joining the ranks. Widely viewed as a timid and dubious stand, it served to muffle burning passions by absorbing some of the heat, until the furor died a natural death. Again, when the ZTE-NBN controversy elicited an obvious rage for action, the bishops created a diversion: an endless search for the truth that is already obvious to everybody, except those who chose to be blind, deaf and dumb. Now the renegade handful joins other groups to create a repeat of Jun Lozada out of Joc-joc Bolante. Perhaps they enjoy an endless drama or misery. Fr. Robert Reyes himself suggested that corruption is not the sole prerogative of Gloria and the laity. Include masochism.

Instead of galvanizing them towards another EDSA, failed expectations on Church-led EDSA 1 and 2 kept people glued to their seats. Since only the faces of the oppressors changed, not the plight of the poor who made up the bulwark of the movement, a hurting question prevails, “For whom shall we fill up the streets this time?” Indeed, with what do the leaders propose to change this evil government? Chaos, confusion, or bloodshed is suggested. Besides, what can we expect of a people who had been reduced to the ignominy of a stray dog that is concerned only with finding relief from a gnawing hunger? Hordes of human scavengers has spilled out into towns and cities, a phenomenon that passed unnoticed by a Church that is exceedingly obsessed with a fight against the RH bill as though it is the biggest evil of all.

Believe it or not, we see the call of CBCP for communal action as God-inspired. Faced with so much divisiveness, it seemed to us as the best course of action as opposed to rages that die down as soon as the immediate goal is attained as in the case of EDSA 1 & 2. Indeed, if we must make a change, it’s only logical and sensible to first agree on what we want. We therefore, somehow, expected to see CBCP lead the search. We expected teach-ins, workshops, debates, etc. under the guidance of Church leaders until some kind of consensus is reached.

Alas, we never saw even a serious head start. Apparently the bishops chose to put asunder something which God has inspired. We did not. Most writers focused on the ills of the country: Gloria, corruption and hunger. Only federalists found the real culprit: a set-up that allowed a handful of men and women to rule our lives as it tie down the hands of officials throughout the country who wanted to contribute to the task of improving our lives. They correctly pointed out that unless this flaw is corrected, no change in leadership in any form shall bring any relief. Unfortunately, they prescribed a pseudo medicine that is more destructive than cyclone Gloria herself: federalism. At the helm of this deadly communal action is the author of the flawed set-up. Absence of good is evil.


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